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Review Of Battle 2042 Characters

A Bit About The Game

Battlefield 2042 promises the comeback of the franchise’s famous all-out combat. The game allows the players to adjust to and conquer continuously altering battlegrounds, with the assistance of your team and a top-notch armament. Brace yourselves for unparalleled magnitude on massive landscapes with the capacity for a large number of players of up to 128. The game features several multiplayer modes, All-Out Warfare, Battlefield Portal and Battlefield Hazard zone, to provide the players with an enhanced and innovative gaming experience like they’ve never had before. You can even select your role on the battleground and create your own squad through the newly introduced Specialists.

Introducing The Specialists

Battlefield 2042 Review

Kimble Graves

Being a native of Brooklyn, New York, USA, Kimble “Irish” Graves is a born commander who commands the Specialists onboard the Exodus. His inherent leadership traits and battle skills aid in safeguarding the Non-Patriated. Being a former Marine soldier who has personally witnessed the deadly consequences of war, this talented engineer is devoted to defending not just his crew but also those who are unable to defend themselves.
Irish is skilled at fortifying areas on the battleground with the special Fortification system which comprises a movable cover to defend against gunfire and explosions and establishing tiny outposts that others may utilize as a gathering point to launch an attack.

Character Battlefield 2042

Webster Mackay

A traveller and a true warrior. Mackay is an assassin with a moral. He was born in Canada and enlisted in the Canadian military when he was a teenager, with the desire in continuing his father’s legacy. He became a soldier of Joint Task Force 2 as a member of a counter-terrorism squad during the peak of his military career.

Upon leaving the military, he pursued his ambitions of travelling and living a lonesome, secluded life. Now, this Combat soldier serves for the Non-Patriated to make amends for a mistake he made during his military career. His specialty is the Grappling hook, which launches a rope that attaches to surfaces and causes the rope to be retracted and the player to get pulled towards the attach point. His special trait, the Nimble, helps the player to move faster and improve speed.

Battlefield 2042 review

Maria Falck

Maria Falck, a veteran Support and a Combat surgeon has a fierce and undying resolve that is undeterred by threat, fear, or status. She was a qualified medical professional who served for six years in the German army, travelling as far as North Africa and the Middle East in an attempt to make the world a better place. Maria is now looking for her long-lost son, David, upon learning that he might have joined a No-Pat organization.
Her specialty is the S21 Syrette Pistol, which launches a syringe that heals the allies but harms the enemies. Her special trait of being a Combat surgeon helps to revive fallen allies.

Battlefield 2042 Character

Pyotr Boris Guskovsky

Boris is a Russian-born Engineer who is a highly skilled weaponry specialist in the Task Force, notably in defensive tactics. Even though his real loyalty to the squad seems to be questionable, he can be fully entrusted to finish the assignment, although with a lot of casualties. Being a self-starter, Boris craves power and authority amidst the chaos. Despite his style of leadership being projected as harsh to some people, there is no doubting his expertise in the field.
His specialty is the SG-36 Sentry System which detects and destroys hostile targets found within a specific region.

Battlefield 2042 Specialist Character

Wikus Casper Van Daele

A Recon warrior and a solitary man, Wikus is the Task Force’s level-headed, calm and collected personality. A South African by birth, Wikus is an ex-intelligence officer in South Africa and is a maestro of disguise and long-distance combat. After being unjustly accused of murder upon discovering a plot that involved a senior commander that placed the lives of people in his unit and local citizens at jeopardy, Wikus managed to flee the country. He joined the No-Pats with the dream of coming back home one day, assuming there is such a place to return to.
OV-P Recon Drone, which is Wikus’s specialty, detects targets in the vicinity and misdirects opponents by using EMP blasts. His special trait which is the Movement Sensor is useful in warning the player about incoming attackers while on the ground and as well as when operating the Recon Drone.

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