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Authentic Review of PS5 Dual Charge Station

Review: DualSense Charging Station for PS5 Dual Charge Station – Flawless functioning

Another awesome Sony accessory for your PS5 Dual Charge Station – but you might have to rethink buying this if you have only one controller.

Sony released its PS5 Dual Charge Station along with a few complementary accessories.  While testing them out, I discovered that, while the Pulse 3D wireless has excellent audio, its mic is not quite up to standard. Next, I moved on to test the PS5 Dual Charge Station, priced an additional $30. This might not be an accessory that is helpful to everyone, but it’s a great device and a worthy investment.

PS5 Dual Charge Station Review

DualSense Charging Station: The Pros

This is a pretty simple and user-friendly piece of equipment. The device comes with a charging station similar in design to the PS5 console, and the charger takes just three hours to charge two controllers simultaneously. Although the three-hour charging time has been tested with only the DualSense controller, this number was found to be accurate.

So how do we charge a DualSense controller? Place the controller upright on the charging station. There are charging terminals at the bottom, which are situated next to the 3.5mm jack. Connect the controller through these terminals, and they will fall into place. Once the controller is fitted onto the station, the device’s charging status will be indicated by a light bar around the touchpad. When it is on charge, the light will slowly blink orange, and it will turn off when fully charged. The charging station has proved to be flawless in many scenarios and presents no issues.

DualSense Charging Station: The cons

Since I’m paying an additional amount for the charging device, it would be gratifying to see it charging faster than it would when I plug the controller into the console using the USB-C. Unfortunately, the charging speed shows no noticeable difference. Freeing up the USB slots on my PS5 Dual Charge Station is not a requirement for me, so the charging station is just a fancy device for me to keep around. But, it would certainly be helpful for people with multiple controllers, to free up their PS5 UBD ports.

The shiny black surface of the PS5 Dual Charge Station certainly matches the PS5, but it is not a good option for the charging station itself because it leaves a lot of fingerprint smudges behind. The charging station is a device that would be constantly touched and handled by the user, while fitting in the controllers or moving it around while the console is not so frequently touched. This is a minor irritant that a lot of people would probably pay no attention to. But it must be noted that, unlike the PS5 console, the charging station has to be frequently wiped down to get rid of fingerprints.

Exploring The Competition

The competition for this device is not particularly noteworthy. There are more third-party charging stations out there for purchase for slightly lower prices, but the functionalities of these don’t differ much from those of the Sony charging stations.

The Sony DualSense charging station is not the only device of that kind; there are external accessories that are convenient chargers. The user doesn’t mind owning a device without the Playstation brand name. Sometimes their price is cheaper than that of Sony as well.

Collective Minds has also introduced a DualSense charging station. This device allows two controllers to be charged in less than two hours and it stands a bit taller than the Sony charging station.

Benazcap Charging Station is similar in price to the Collective Minds one. It has a flat surface that has protruding USB-C plugs-ins and an elevated surface to better hold the controller when it is being charged. The Benazcap takes about three to four and a half hours to charge the controllers.

DualSense Charging Station: A smart purchase?

If you’re someone who would like to buy an inexpensive charging device or if you want an official product from Sony, then this is the device for you. This is also the best choice if you have more than one DualSense controller.

BUT You should look out to PS5 Dual Charge Station in

If you have only one DualSense controller, and if you’re fine with using the USB-C cord to charge it, then this probably isn’t the product for you. But there is a massive risk in purchasing these as they might not work after using them a couple of times.


The Sony DualSense charging station is now available for purchase at Unlimited Gaming Tech , Vancouver, Canada. Not all retailers in Canada carry third-party DualSense chargers. It will come to your notice that this item is sometimes out of stock, and not all retailers have this item for sale at all times. Some of them sell cheaper models, which are almost as convenient to use and offer similar functionalities.


This is probably an unnecessary purchase for most people because the USB-C cable is more than enough to charge a controller with. Since the charging station does not allow faster charging, it might be a needless expense for specific users, especially ones who own only one controller.


The battery life of the DualSense is wanting, but it’s undoubtedly easier to click it onto the charging dock rather than to search around for the USB cable. And of course, this accessory comes with the added advantage of allowing you to charge two controllers at once. This is especially helpful if you have purchased a PS5 dual charge station bundle, which has an extra DualSense.


There are less expensive charging station models in the market which offer the same functions, but the market price of the PS5 dual Charge Station is not a big amount to pay for such a device in the first place. The cost of this device is relatively moderate, and the device’s functionalities and performance themselves are worth the price, especially if you have two controllers. DualSense Charging Station is inexpensive, easy to use and definitely an excellent accessory to have around.

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