Nintendo Switch – Super Mario Odyssey


  • Platform: Nintendo Switch
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Genre: Adventure/ Action/ Platformer
  • Gaming mode: Up to 2 players
  • Rating: 10+ (contains comic mischief and cartoon violence)
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Super Mario Odyssey: A Masterpiece

Get onboard the airship on an exhilarating adventure through unfamiliar worlds as you race across new and exciting landscapes. A god-tier sand-box style 3D Mario game, right up there with Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine. Also, arguably  Super Mario Odyssey is the most stunning Mario game of all time.


Travel farther from the Mushroom Kingdom to explore worlds upon worlds of fantasy, accompanied by Cappy, the stylish and talented hat-shaped companion.

Cappy brings hot new tricks to the Mario gaming experience, spicing up the good old run-and-jump movements by adding cap throw, cap jump and capture. Super Mario Odyssey lets you collect power moons to upgrade the ship and save Peach from Bowser, and control objects, enemies and animals like never before.

Visually Stunning

A dreamy blend of rich colours and crisp graphics creates a visually immersive experience. The colour and vigor of Super Mario Odyssey makes it a must-try for beginners looking for captivating visuals as well as for lovers of great graphics in games.

Signature Mario fun with a cool twist

Cappy’s new abilities are complimented with the classic Mario moves like run, jump, triple jump, wall jump, backward somersault and ground pound to increase not only the potential but also the fun! Explore new ways to face challenges by mixing and matching the variety of movements.

The award-winning success of Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey is so much more than just a favourite of most players. It received multiple awards including Best of Show, Best Console Game and Best Action/Adventure Game in 2017 Game Critic Awards Best of E3. Definitely lives up to the hype and recognition.


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