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Miitopia – Nintendo Switch Games and Software – Standard Edition

ESRB Rating : Everyone
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Game Format: Physical
Compatible Platform(s): Nintendo Switch

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Miitopia – Nintendo Switch Games and Software – Standard Edition

Miitopia for Nintendo Switch will set you out on a unique and challenging epic adventure where you can create your own character. You get to choose from an array of outfits, makeup, wigs and personality traits in bringing your character into life. You can even create a Mii character of your favourite celebrity! You can get together with other Mii characters to learn new skills like “Lend A Hand” and gain allies to watch out for you during difficult battles, in order to fight against enemies like the spiralling Twerky and the evil Dark Lord who steals faces.  

You can also form your own battle strategies by assigning Mii characters different jobs like mage, warrior, and pop star that will determine your approach to battle. You can use Outing Tickets to send character pairs to bonding experiences at the beach or a café and rely on food and magic for that extra boost of energy when you need it. Miitopia is undoubtedly a game filled with fun-filled experiences. 

  • A role playing that allows you to make allies, friends and enemies with other Mii characters on your journey to defeat the Dark Lord. 
  • Create your own personalized character and bring it to life by picking and choosing from an interesting array of outfits, wigs and makeup as well as personality traits.
  • Interact with other Mii characters at the inns to pair up and share skills and help one another out during the tough battles.
  • Gain experience and level up your characters by diving into turn-based combats with enemies like Twerky. 
  • You can recover health by using food and even use magic to gain a better stand during battles and dangerous encounters. 
  • This standard edition video game of Epic/Adventure/Physical genre consists of the game pack and manual. 
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