Microsoft Xbox Wireless Headset


  • Pair directly to your console with Xbox Wireless radio without the need for dongles, cables, or a base station
  • Surround yourself with spatial sound technologies including Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos, and DTS headphone: x
  • Use auto-mute and voice isolation to reduce noise interruption for crystal-clear chat. Adjust your volume and game/chat levels with the rotating ear Cup dials
  • Flexible, lightweight design with an adjustable headband. Enjoy up to 15 hours of battery life with the internal, rechargeable battery
  • Connect to mobile devices via Bluetooth for on-the-go music or chat
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Premium Audio Performance With The Xbox Wireless Headset

The Xbox wireless headset now lets you enjoy premium audio during your gaming sessions. The wireless audio system is known for zero latency and the inclusion of spatial sound technologies. With an amazing design that does not make long-term wear uncomfortable, the Xbox wireless headset is an accessory that every Xbox gamer should get!

Exclusive Features Available With The Microsoft Xbox Wireless Headset

The best audio quality for gaming

With a range of spatial sound technologies including Dolby Atmos, Windows Sonic, and DTS Headphone, the Xbox wireless headset brings the best audio experience for gaming.

Comfortable design

The latest wireless headset is strategically designed with a customizable fit and soft earcups. With an adjustable microphone, this headset makes long-term gaming much more comfortable.

Voice isolation for clearer conversations

The background noise cancellation feature of this wireless headset allows for much clearer conversation during gaming. Not to forget, the headset also has an auto-mute feature which automatically mutes your audio input when you are not speaking. Using the buttons on the headset, you can also manually control your audio input when required.

Customize for your preference

You can now customize the settings of your Xbox wireless headset using the Xbox Accessories app. You can customize your mic monitoring thresholds, bass levels, sensitivity of the auto-mute option, as well as your equalizer settings.

Entertainment on the go

With the Bluetooth feature of the wireless headset, you can also pair it with your mobile devices and enjoy it while on the go.

Additional information

Additional information

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