Nintendo Switch – Mario Golf Super Rush


  • Tee off with family and friends in this content-packed Mario Golf game
  • Rise through the ranks of golf training in story mode
  • Swing simultaneously and make a break for the ball in Speed Golf
  • Enroll your Mii character in golf training in a prestigious country club and go from rookie to pro!
  • You’ll face off against your Mushroom Kingdom classmates and earn experience points.
  • Platform: Nintendo Switch
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Developer: Camelot
  • Genre: Sports / Golf-game
  • Gaming mode: Multiplayer
  • Rating: Everyone (contains mild cartoon violence)
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About Mario Golf Super Rush

Golf with up to 4 local or online players in the familiar Mushroom Kingdom fashion. Compete as the well-loved characters from the Mario universe, including Mario, Yoshi, Peach and Toadette. Experience breathtaking variety between courses as they turn from cute to awe-inspiring. Mario Golf Super Rush is a delightful and stimulating adventure that offers several exciting modes to choose from.

Challenging gaming modes

Mario Golf Super Rush, despite its easy button and motion controls, contains varying gaming modes like Speed Golf, Battle Golf and Golf Adventure, beside Standard Golf. Take your opponents by surprise with the use of graceful dashes and accurate shots. Characters are equipped with special talents that come in handy in outrunning competitors.

Updated to include Toadette

Of course, Toadette deserves to be talked about. With her cute look and brilliant putt control, she will be a valuable addition to the game, especially for the New Donk City course where she could utilize her meticulous playing style to send the balls whooshing through buildings.

Rank upgrades

The prestigious Bonny Greens Country Club will train your Mii™ character to be a top-tier golfer! The journey is not entirely a bed of roses – for instance, Wario and Waluigi’s tricks must be tackled.

Play against other Mushroom Kingdom mates and get rank upgrades for your character. Mario Golf Super Rush comes with a different and exciting twist on traditional golfing games, blending adventure and sports together – resulting in a splendid combination of arcade and simulation gaming.

Adventure meets Golf

Defeat opponents, use and dodge obstacles, hunt for courses and go on quests to complete the daring adventure of Mario Golf Super Rush.

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