Xbox One / Series X – Immortals Fenyx Rising


From the creators of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey comes a storybook adventure set on an island full of mythical monsters. Save the Greek gods by taking on tricky challenges, dangerous dungeons, and heroic trials.

  • SAVE THE GODS – The gods have fallen victim to the most deadly creature in Greek mythology, Typhon. Embark on an epic journey to help restore their powers
  • WIELD THE POWER OF GODS – The gods of Olympus have given you special powers. Use them to fight and explore on the ground and in the air
  • CONFRONT MYTHOLOGICAL BEASTS – Put your combat skills to the test as you face off against mythical beasts like Gorgons, Hydras, and Cyclops
  • LIVE IN A PAINTED WORLD – Discover a beautiful and artistic open world full of surprises in this heroic journey
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Immortals Fenyx Rising adds an exquisite mythological game to your Xbox experience. Set in a stylized open world, you hold the fate of the world in your hands. So embrace the character of Fenyx, the latest winged demigod, and save the world from the dark curse that has been cast upon the Greek Gods.

Parental Guide

  • Rated for ages 13 and above

Seizure Warning

The Immortals Fenyx Rising Xbox One edition comes with a photosensitive seizure warning: a seizure experienced by an extremely rare number of people when viewing a particular type of image.

A beautifully crafted mythological cast

Immortals Fenyx Rising is renowned for its exquisite mythological cast that includes.


The latest winged demigod is on a quest to save the world from enemy powers. Destined to save the Greek Gods and discover his origins along the way.

The Greek Gods

Having fallen under the curse of the deadliest Titan, the Greek Gods are looking to be saved by Fenyx. Leverage the skills and expertise of the Gods to turn the game in your favor.

The Beasts

Battle the mythological beasts who are on a mission to derail you from saving the world.


Five tips that can help you in The Immortals Fenyx Rising

  1. Start off by visiting the Hall of Gods: make it your first stop
  2. Upgrade your skills and abilities when able: you need more than just the basics
  3. Keep an eye on your stamina
  4. Make use of the Far Sight option

Watch out for the cracks and braziers on the walls

Immortals Fenyx Rising Xbox One
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