Arctic invaders have conquered and frozen Donkey Kong Island. Now it’s your time to help Donkey Kongs. Meet Donkey Kong and his friends on the platform game; Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze for Nintendo Switch with a banana-bunch of new features.
The game is rated E that is generally suitable for all ages. It might include;
Mild Cartoon Violence

Key Features Of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze – Standard Edition

Discover The Donkey Kong Island

Get yourself into an exciting world with surprising gaming levels. The game’s dynamic rotating camera allows you to enjoy the best in-game experiences while jumping through jungles, diving into the deep ocean, running through savannas, sliding through ice and many more.

Master Your Skills

Master the unique skills of gaming characters, including Diddy Kong’s jetpack, Dixie Kong’s spinning ponytail, Cranky Kong’s cane bounce and many more to fight against enemies. Unlock additional contents and gather new items with your hard-earned collectibles.

Funky Mode For Nintendo Switch

Featuring the new Funky Mode, which is exclusive to Nintendo Switch. Here, you can play the role of Donkey Kong’s most exciting companion; Funky Kong. Funky Kong has unique abilities that make him cooler than anyone else. He has extra hearts, can jump, do limitless rolls or corkscrews, breathe forever underwater, hover in midair on his surfboard, even stand on spikes without hurting himself. Funky Mode brings a whole new in-game experience to you.

Play Together

Co-op with another friend and play together with just one Nintendo Switch system. No additional accessories are required for 2 player co-op gameplay.

Additional information

Additional information

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