Playstation 5 – Demon’s Souls

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  • Discover where the journey began – Experience the original brutal challenge, completely remade from the ground up. All presented in stunning visual quality with enhanced performance, this is the world of Boletaria as you have never seen it before.
  • Become the Slayer of Demons – Venture to the northern kingdom of Boletaria – a once prosperous land of knights, now beset with unspeakable creatures and ravenous demons. Meet strange characters, unhinged and twisted by the world around them, and unravel the unsettling story of Demon’s Souls.
  • Face the world’s greatest warriors in ferocious PVP combat – With online* invasions adding to the danger of your quest. Or play cooperatively by summoning allies to aid in your fight against the demons.*Active PS Plus subscription required for online multiplayer.
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In pursuing his desire to establish power, King Allant, the 12th king of Boletaria reawakened his Soul Arts and unleashed the demon; The Old One and his army. Boletaria is now in grave danger surrounded by a deep fog summoned with gruesome creatures in greed of human souls. Humans who lost their souls are now being insane creatures and searching greedily to attack the sane.

Any brave knight who is courageous to penetrate this deep fog is never to be seen again. Now it’s your time to fight against this baneful fog, defeat the deadliest creatures, return the Old One to slumber and become the ‘Slayer of Demons’.

Mature Content Included

Demon’s Souls is rated M for ages 17+. It might include;

  • Blood and Gore
  • Violence

Explore The Fallen Kingdom of Demon’s Souls

The kingdom is completely redesigned with fascinating visuals which are rich in quality with the best performance. Experience a whole new Boletaria here.

Meet The World’s Bravest Warriors Ever

Unleash your inner warrior within the courageous PvP combat with the bravest warriors. Get an active PS Plus subscription for online multiplayer invasions to make your quest more thrilling and dangerous. Summon other players to be at your side in defeating the deadliest creatures.

Conquer Your Arts Of Sorcery And War With Demon’s Souls 

Sharpen your skills in the extreme brutal challenges of the Northern kingdom of Boletaria. Encounter bizarre characters, utilize your bravery not to lose any soul that you have collected. The stronger opponents you defeat, the more rewards you can get. 

Remember, death is not the end, it’s another way of existence.

Demon's Souls Specifications

Product Dimensions – 0.6 x 5.3 x 6.7 inches; 3.36 Ounces
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Rated – Mature
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Manufacturer – Sony
Country of Origin – USA

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Additional information

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