Playstation 5 – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla


  • Lead epic Viking raids against Saxon troops and fortresses
  • Relive the visceral fighting style of the Vikings as you dual-wield powerful weapons
  • Challenge yourself with the most varied collection of enemies ever in Assassin’s Creed
  • Shape the growth of your character and your clan’s settlement with every choice you make
  • Explore a dark age open world, from the harsh shores of Norway to the beautiful kingdoms of England
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In the ninth century AD, Eivor Varinsdottir, the heroic Viking, is exploring a prosperous land while sailing from the motherland in Norway along the North sea. Amidst the brutal control, the legendary Viking is looking for a prosperous land in England.

Now it is your chance to become a legend in the tales of battle and glory of the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Mature Content Is Included

Designed for ages 17+. This might includes;

  • Blood and Gore
  • Intense Violence
  • Partial Nudity
  • Sexual Themes
  • Strong Language
  • Use of Drugs and Alcohol

Your Mission With Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Raid against the brutality, establish your glorious land, manifest your political power and accomplish the quest of achieving a position among the gods of Valhalla. You also meet up with optional side missions throughout this journey to glory.

A Journey To The Dark Age

Be the greatest and fearless warrior and conquer your prestige all over the dark ages of the forbidden kingdoms in England.

Visceral And Bloody Combats

Build your rebellious clan to raid the Saxon army. A variety of weapons are designed to conquer your unique Viking style in battles. You are welcomed to dual wield many weapons such as swords, axes, daggers, flails, even shields etc. Invade and assassinate your deadly enemies with the best weapon techniques of yours.

Build Up Your Settlement

Customize your new land with upgraded features such as barracks, tattoo parlours, blacksmiths and many more.

Customize Your Avatar

You can select the gender and customize the warrior’s hair, tattoos, armour and warpaint according to your preference. Also, you can share your customized Viking with other players and recruit their mercenary Vikings in your battles.

Make Your Viking Legendary Memorable

With the advanced RPG mechanics, you can build up your character skills in your way. Planning raid strategies, political alliances and your unique tactics can pave the way for your victory in the end.

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Additional information

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Dimensions 17.3 × 13.5 × 1.4 cm

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