amiibo™ – Incineroar – Super Smash Bros.™ Series


Brand: Nintendo
Platform : Nintendo Switch
  • Get cool in-game extras with amiibo accessories and compatible games
  • Just tap an amiibo accessory to the NFC touchpoint on a compatible system to enjoy fun in-game extra features in compatible games on the Nintendo Switch system,
  • Games, systems, and amiibo sold separately. Visit nintendo.Com/amiibo for details on amiibo functionality
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Incineroar is a playable, dual-type Fire/Dark Pokémon in Super Smash Bro. Ultimate, which is the final evolution of Litten from the Pokémon series. With its violent and selfish character traits, Incineroar would never pay attention to its Trainer’s orders when it is in no mood to listen to him. It just ignores orders with nonchalance. Even so, it prefers strong opponents over unworthy ones, which highlights its uniqueness and powerfulness.

Incineroar is a muscular, bipedal feline Pokémon. It is an anthropomorphic tiger mainly coloured with red and black alongside banded stripes on its arms, legs, and tail. It also has a flaming belt of red and orange which produces fire attacks.

Key Features Of Amiibo Incineroar – Super Smash Bros. Series.

  • Incineroar Amiibo has a fine detailing which highlights its physical characteristics well.
  • You can use your amiibo accessory by just tapping it to the NFC touchpoint on a compatible system.
  • With compatible games, you can experience cool in-game extra features such as unlocking new modes and weapons, customizing your character, or even enhancing your amiibo’s abilities to be at your side as the best partner or as your fierce opponent. Please note that each compatible game has a unique way of interacting with your amiibo figure.
  • Play with your Incineroar Amiibo in compatible games on the Nintendo Switch system, New Nintendo 2DS XL system, New Nintendo 3DS XL system and Wii U console.
  • Games, systems, and amiibo are sold separately. For more details on amiibo functionality and compatibility, please visit Nintendo.Com/amiibo
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