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Fill Up The Museum Soon After Starting Your Island In Animal Crossing

A Guid To Animal Crossing – Completing The Museum On Your Island

Animal Crossing New Horizons on Switch, is a game that requires you to fill up a museum, similar to earlier games. Unlocking and constructing the museum will take some days since the museum is not originally a component of your island. But this is nothing to worry about – the procedure of unlocking the museum is actually relatively easy! Do not fret – we’re here to answer some burning questions you might have on managing the museum.

How Do I Unlock The Museum?

Tom Nook will join you on the first day and guide you through your task. Your first activity will be to explore the island and find different kinds of fish or insects. Once you have successfully completed this task and given your findings to Tom Nook, he’ll let you obtain and set up a plot that will become your museum in the future.

On the second day, you must provide donations of 15 unique animals to Blathers, who will turn up inside a tent. After you have completed giving 15 donations to Blathers, he will have finished collecting all of them. After two days, the tent that Blathers stayed in will then be turned into the whole museum.

At its opening, the museum will contain three exhibits for fossils, insects and fish.

How Do I Donate Fossils To The Museum

After your museum has opened, you can donate many items simultaneously. You can go fossil-hunting in your island and hand over your findings to Blathers. He will put them under evaluation and categorize them as newly discovered fossils or as ones that were already missing from museum exhibits. You can then choose whether to or not to donate them to the museum.

Finishing all the tasks required to complete the museum will be a year-long process. This is because certain fish and insects are only bred during certain specified months. As of now, we are not aware of whether players who complete the museum receive any rewards. Previously, Animal Crossing games did not provide any gifts to gamers who completed organizing the museum. But, gamers who caught all of the fish or all of the bugs were separately given various rewards.

How Do I Add The Art Exhibit?

In Animal Crossing New Horizons series, the art exhibit will not be open at first. A villager will be standing in front of the entrance and blocking access to it. According to a data mine by _Ninji, in order to add the art exhibit to the museum that you have built, you must provide a minimum of 60 donations, belonging to any of the three categories, to the museum. After you have completed this quota, Blathers will mention opening the exhibits.

One day after Blathers mentions displaying the exhibit, Isabelle will turn up. She will then caution you that a suspicious art dealer has been skulking around and that you should take care. On the same day, Jolly Redd will be on the island. You will see his boat on the small beach in the north, but you will not be allowed to go there.

After you come across Redd, you will buy a painting worth 4,980 bells from him. According to the results of our tests, this will be an authentic painting. You must then give this to Blathers as a donation for the museum and he’ll start talking about beginning work on the art exhibit.

After that, the museum’s construction will be in progress, so Blathers will not accept donations or evaluate any items. On the next day, construction will be over, and the museum will reopen.  

Now that the art display is open, Redd will reappear on the island, telling you how much he loves the place. He’ll start popping in with items to sell. He will offer four works of art each time, and some of them will not be authentic items. Fortunately, you will be provided a guide on distinguishing between fakes and real items, so you won’t have too much trouble here.

The Roost Café and the Museum Shop – Where are they?

The museum shop is available in New Leaf and it has great new tools and items you can buy. But unfortunately, it is not yet available in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Good news is that it has already been data mined. Similarly, the Roost Café is also unavailable (although you can see it in data mines), but we will most likely get to experience it when more updates come up.

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