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Demon’s Soul Review

FromSoftware introduced Demon’s Souls for the first time in 2009. The refreshingly engaging experience was powerful enough to challenge the existing patterns of gameplay that players were starting to get bored of.

Demon’s Souls had top-notch graphics, picturesque environments, rich plotlines and the grandest battles. Instead of long and tiring instructions and tutorials, Demon’s Souls was all about letting players traverse the spectacular world, seek adventures and win over mysterious and perilous enemies.

When Bluepoint Games decided to remake Demon’s Souls original, they knew it was already an incredible game. The phenomenal quality of the remade version adds to the magic of the classic, and redefines its approachability by including new adventures for anyone who is late to jump on the bandwagon. All-new Demon’s Souls is surreally magnificent and hardcore.

Souls-like gamers know that the ride isn’t smooth. Adventure awaits, and it is not easy. Prepare to be beaten, shattered, and destroyed. Prepare to pick yourself up, because Demon’s Souls is about knowing when and how to rise from the ashes. The bosses in the game are comparatively less hard than FromSoftware’s latest productions. However, you will find some levels astonishingly hard to get through, yet deliciously satisfying at the same time. What makes Demon’s Souls shine out among other games is that it gives you a challenging yet fulfilling journey and an incredibly gratifying victory.

Experienced players will immediately recognize the charm of the old Demon’s Souls, even with the amplified quality. The visuals are upgraded and augmented to be more realistic, while elements like life quality are enhanced. The updated version includes subtle yet influential changes to the design and gameplay, which were close to perfect to begin with. Bluepoint has succeeded in integrating the latest technology with the grandeur of the original version, and the result happens to be outstanding.

The first time I played Demon’s Souls (PS5) felt like an exhilarating high, a heady adrenaline rush, a victorious plunge through a sea of peril. The gameplay genuinely feels like a dreamy adventure, where you are expected to fight your own instincts while trying to make the right choices at the right time. You will meet evil necromancers, dragons, knights and several other adversaries, waiting to pounce on you and devour you. Gear up, brace yourself, and plunge into the fiery pit where you can prove you are the best of the best.

Victory sure is the best feeling, but nothing beats the satisfaction of knowing that you have the freedom to choose your style and technique. You can go in with full armour and a shield, or use magic to defeat your enemies, or shoot and stab your enemy in the back. The thrill of knowing you are on your own is like no other, because each victory is solely yours and no one else’s.

Demon’s Souls (PS5)


Published by: PlayStation Studios

Developed by: Bluepoint Games

Released on: 12th November, 2020

Rated: Mature

Bluepoint’s remake has changed the number of healing items a player can bring. This is more an advantage than a disadvantage, because the amended amount is still adequate to compensate for many damages. However, this feature of the new remake restricts players from bringing a ridiculous number of supplies when they invade their online gaming counterparts with the intention of killing. Thus, you can always choose soul form to play if you are not ready to face a bothersome intruder trying to murder you.

There are a few compromises made by Bluepoint when dealing with the art and design of the original, but the remake as a whole is truly vivacious, bold and gripping. The Storm King, prison mazes, Stonefang Tunnels and spires of Latria are unbelievably realistic, standing in all their glory. Encountering the Storm King is one of the most intensely breathtaking moments of the game; you will literally feel the rain on your face and the wind on your hair. The combat design is more interactive and realistic than the original, and the Archstone system allows you to move between worlds as you please. Exploration is not confined; you can take a risk and move out of your comfort zone to visit harder levels.

Some features may irk you, if you want the original Demon’s Souls as it is. For instance, the new soundtracks, increased exposure to light and the strange Fat Officials might need some getting used to. This does not take away from the enthralling excitement of the remake, because it takes a fascinating turn to enhance an existing masterpiece.
If you are new to Demon’s Souls, you will dive headfirst into a brilliant universe in which you can abandon your vulnerabilities and explore your strengths. If you are a veteran, the remake would be a rousing ode in retrospect to the classic that redefined what Souls is all about.

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